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    About Voca products

    Vocā products use essential oils known for their sedative and therapeutic effects. These oils have been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times both in the West and in the East. The sedative and anxiolytic qualities of essential oils have the ability to interact directly with chemical messengers in the brain, helping to slow down activity in the nervous system, reducing anxiety, restlessness and promoting relaxation.

    Yes, all our Vocā products are cruelty free, we do not test on animals.

    Our mission is to source the highest quality ingredients. We use a combination of organic and non-organic essential oils, as some oils are simply not available organically, or we cannot guarantee their consistent quality when organic.

    Yes, our Vocā products are of 100% natural origin. The essential oils used in our fragrances are organic, where possible, and are derived from botanical sources - wood, barks, flowers, herbs, seeds and spices. 

    Yes, the ingredients used in our products originate from plant sources and are suitable for use by vegans.

    Yes, our Vocā Pillow Sprays contain natural alcohol. 

    Particular care should be taken when using essential oils on older people, pregnant women or children as some people may have allergic reaction, so if you are sensitive, have had a problem in the past or are pregnant, always do a skin patch test first. And remember that essential oils should never be taken internally.

    Skin patch test, people with high sensitivity

    Dip a cotton bud in a tiny trace of the blend and rub on the inside of your wrist, or inside elbow or on the underside of the arm, gently touch the skin. Cover the area with a plaster and leave unwashed for 24 hours ...After this time check for any redness, irritation or small spots. If you have even the tiniest reaction do not use the blend. 


    It is always worth trying again after a month as your skin may now accept the oil.

    If in doubt, please consult your healthcare practitioner. 

    Discontinue use and seek medical attention if necessary. 

    All our Vocā outer packaging, leaflets and card packaging are recyclable. We also use recyclable glass bottles.

    All Vocā products are manufactured in the UK.


    As part of your bedtime routine, lightly spray your pillow and bedding prior to slipping between the sheets. Gently drift off.

    Rollerballs are perfect for on-the-go moments. To use it, simply roll on your pulse points in circular motions. 

    As part of your bedtime routine, add 2 or more drops into your diffuser.  Let your senses transport you.  

    Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


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